Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bending Values

We belong to a generation where values are continually distorted. Many now try to compromise their "values system" by how they want the world to respond to them and their preferences. The so-called social norms are now placed at stake because people are driven to come up with their self-declared norms. And all these are done for the sake of making one the god that he or she wants to be recognized as.

I am a teacher and I believe that students should be given a chance to grow and be formed holistically so that in the future he has his own sense of direction. I will recall the time when I wanted to apprehend a group of students because of cheating. I was teaching these students how to create basic webpages. Out of my three years of teaching the subject matter, I could tell if a student has cheated or not. Well to cut the story short I was not able to apprehend nor correct the students because of so many reasons that pointed out to one ultimate truth - I was not able to teach these students the value of honesty because the school administration "feared" what parents might say. If you are an educator reading this, you might thinks it's crazy but yes it does happen.

Schools should be the place where students are taught enduring riches. Values are embedded through schools so that the child learns how to make every situation count. This should be a part of the student's learning curve so that he will be capable of becoming a great individual in a world where everything is being compromised for the sake of personal gain. That is the wealth a school can give its learners. Values are not just taught through plain words but through difficult moments that would serve as crossroads in determining what truly is right and erroneous. This should hold true for both the student and the educator. People who operate schools should realize this difficult reality; if not, then they should not even consider running one.

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