Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Gifts of Being An Educator

It is not an easy task to be an educator. It comes with several things in the package. Difficult bosses. Difficult parents. Difficult students. Difficult situations. Name it, so many things can be considered "difficult" in the day to day undertaking of a teacher. What makes teaching so rewarding? Teaching feels rewarding when...

...students come back to you one day and they recall one of the lessons you have taught them.

...students thank you for something that you didn't actually think would have an impact on them.

...students recall simple gestures that wasn't really a big deal for you, but still they have grown up to appreciate it. day you realize that your past students in high school are graduating from their tertiary classes and are soon to be part of the roster of professionals. Suddenly you get a feeling that you have given the world a contribution through the knowledge you have imparted on these professionals. are given great mentors in the field. They make work easier because they have a great tendency of "lighting up the path." get to pause for a moment and you get to laugh at jokes and pranks with your students.

...your immediate superior or principal appreciates the small things you do and you get to realize later on that those small things contribute to the "bigger scheme of things." handle a set of primary students, you will start to feel that there is still a child inside you. are challenged to be creative so that students don't end up snoring in your class, and suddenly you realize that you can be a stand-up comedian in the spur of a moment.

If teaching was NOT difficult, then there would be no avenue for us teachers to grow. As I grow in this industry called teaching, I know that my list will go on and it will get longer in time. For the moment, "that's all folks!"

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