Monday, December 19, 2011

A World Much Larger than One's Own

(From my Facebook Notes, October 5, 2011, World Teachers' Day)

Education is indeed a dynamic phenomenon. It makes or breaks an individual. It is an endeavor that becomes a meaningful reward to both the learner and the learned.

This school year is very different compared to the last five years of my teaching profession. I am now teaching in the school where I spent most of my basic education. It is meaningful in several ways. The school was a second home for me from the years 1990 to 1999 (Grades 3 to 12). It has contributed to my well being in several ways. Within those years, it has molded me trough the many challenges I faced and through the good people I have met along the way. This year I am back no longer as a student, but as a teacher. It is great and feels great to be back. To be with my past teachers and to be able to work with them.

I would remember back then, my teachers were the best source of knowledge and in many instances wisdom, which allowed me to see things from a different perspective. Many lessons that were considered significant always stayed with me. Straight grids for graphs that Ms. Ayesha Shaukat draws using free hand on the board while teaching Physics... Mr. Jerry Lovette's interesting stories and facts that supplemented the boring English Literature material... Mrs. Seema's long standing patience... Constructiveness of the Math lessons that I still remember to this date, Mrs. Sandra Qazamel's English portfolio during the Elementary years and many more.

But there is more to lessons in being a teacher. A teacher is someone who chooses to live his life so that others may also live. They are here not just to impart what they know, but also to impart their whole being. They share themselves so that their students may also live. It is a cause more noble than choosing to live for one's self. It is choosing to embrace a world much lager than their own.

To my fellow teachers in the academe, we must remember to keep hope burning every time we deal with the challenges of our profession. Let us continue to believe in what we do and in the potential of the young minds that we are molding. Who they will become is a reflection of how much we have really given them. We live in a globally challenged society that yearns for more free-thinkers that will allow humanity to survive amidst the social collapse and economic turmoil now and beyond. Let us have hope and give hope for we cannot give what we do not posses.

Today, October 5 2011, is our day. Let us continue to remind ourselves how significant we all are.HAPPY WORLD TEACHERS' DAY.

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